Showcase & Display
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Shopping Centre Display

Showcase and Display caters to a wide range of promotional display needs for shopping centres. Combine several products and customise them with branding and colours to create visual impact that makes your promotion stand out to the passing crowds. Showcases and Mannequin Displays, Competition Barrels or Entry Boxes, Poster and Brochure Stands, Customised Banners and more..



Poster and Brochure Stands

Poster and Brochure Stands are a great way for Shopping Centres to communicate promotional or campaign messages in high traffic areas. Choose your preferred finish and colours to suit your promotion and shopping centre environment and add branding and signage for the better visual impact.


Competition Entry Boxes

Competition barrels and Entry Boxes are made to order in the style and finish that suits your promotional environment and Shopping Centre décor.

  • Resting Shelf or Sloping Top
  • Custom Designs and finishes
  • Lockable Castors
  • Lockable cupboards
  • Logo and branding/advertising positions



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